This was for a charity event in Australia called 40 Hour Famine in collaboration with Jacky Winter and World Vision to raise funds for refugees.

The concept hinges on the way in which young, privileged people use hyperboles to signify the insignificant, and may forget that there are actual situations to which their grave meaning still very much applies. Phrases such as 'epic struggle', 'literally dying'  and 'tragedy' have been appropriated to describe cat memes or problems with smart phones, while the reality of these phrases is ignored.

We sometimes forget how lucky we are that we'll never have to experience the real meaning behind these words, words that are a reality for many.

For some, these words represent unspeakable violence, incredible danger, senseless tragedy and unimaginable loss to reach safety in foreign,  often hostile, circumstances. They are real-life heroes, and they desperately need our help

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